The First Quest…or Betsy’s Adventures in Adventuring

Today started with our intrepid adventurer waking up and brewing a vat of WorkJuice.  After finishing her third cup of life force she decides that perhaps, today would be a great day to try to seek the magical item that will allow for the grandest adventure of them all.  To play Dungeons and Dragons for the first time a copy of the Second Edition Player’s  must be procured.  Cloaked in her trusty Blackhawks gear and strapping on her Bag of Holding, our adventurer proceeds on her journey.

Her first stop was a temple of tomes.  Surely, within it’s walls, the object she seeks will await her.  She searches high (which is impossible due to her diminutive stature) and low and finds her search is fruitless.  Upon approaching the keeper of the tomes he reveals a place where such a treasure may lay.  “Do you know the area?” he asked while raising an eyebrow.   “Of course,” she said.  “I have an unlimited CTA pass and a whole day to search.”  “Good Luck on your search,” he said.  And off our adventurer went.

Her second stop was the Ye Olde Comic Book store.  They tried desperately to distract her with their wares.  She could not be distracted from her quest.  No, today was the day.  She could feel it in her bones.

Our adventurer continued walking.  And walking.  And walking.   All of this walking made her terribly hungry so she stopped at the local tavern (or Subway) to refuel and plan her next step.  While there she consulted with her Dungeon Master and learned the true location of her quest.   CTA pass in hand, she stepped out into the light, with one goal on her mind.

Upon catching a wild CTA bus, our adventurer was able to ride in style to her next location, The Dice Dojo.  Walking inside she felt she was close.  She had to be.  Where else in all the kingdom of Chicago could she find what she was seeking?  But alas, the Elf-ling minding the store said that there was no treasure there.  The Elf-ling offered a place for the players to meet, so perhaps the journey was not all for not.  Heading back to the CTA bus, our adventurer had an idea.  Another store may have it!  So onward she went.  Past the Temple of the Cubs to the keeper of the retro video games.  Now she knew she would not find the item she sought, but she knew the half-lings there knew of other castles to seek her prize.  No gold changed hands, but a promise to return to seek another treasure was spoken.

Next our adventurer rode the sky rails to the Western Plains.  Near the Square of Lincoln.  To the Wanderer’s Refuge.  And what was she, but a wanderer.  She found another comic book store but refrained from going inside.  The Shoppe she found was full of treasures, but there was only one she sought.  After answering the Gypsy’s riddles and emptying her bag of gold, our adventurer held her prize.  One copy of the Dungeons and Dragons, Second Edition, Players Handbook.  Placing her treasure in her bag of holding she departed, a skip in her step.  For she had won the day.

And thus our adventurer returned home.  To nap and watch hockey.


The End





3 thoughts on “The First Quest…or Betsy’s Adventures in Adventuring

  1. Today’s stores include:
    Booklegger Books
    Graham Cracker Comics
    Dice Dojo-Chicagoland Games
    Replay Retro Games
    Chicago Comics
    Wanderer’s Refuge

    No CTA Buses or Trains were injured in the creation of this blog post.


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