First Glance of D&D

My knowledge of Dungeons and Dragons (D&D to those in the know) is based on what I’ve seen in pop culture, mainly from the TV show The Big Bang Theory. In one particular episode, the four guys have what seems to be an elaborate set up with a game board, note pads, and other paraphernalia. I think there’s a story that is concocted by the person in charge (who, I presume is the Dungeon Master) and the players go through this story in finite detail. I don’t know how someone wins, but I think all the other characters must be killed in order to become the winner. Am I on the right track? Yeah…probably not.

So, to start our adventure on the right foot, Betsy and I went for celebratory ice cream (yay for getting 100 likes on our Facebook page!) and opened her brand new copy of a player’s guide for D&D. As we flipped the pages, I quickly got overwhelmed…the glossary page alone was enough to make me second guess this particular adventure, but like anything new I know it’ll take time to get used to. I have a feeling it’ll be like learning a second language, tough at first, but easier as I stick with it. Though, I must say, the artwork in the player’s guide was quite lovely.

We have our first lesson on Monday, where I will probably leave feeling overwhelmed, but excited (at least that’s what I hope). I’m skeptical this will become something I love to do or even enjoy, but that’s part of this journey…to see if I am THAT kind of nerd. Who knows? I may surprise myself.

Stay tuned for further adventure updates as we head to the Dice Dojo, where we will walk among the D&D natives and study their ways.

Nerdly yours,


Our Quest Guide
Our Quest Guide
Betsy's intrigued...
Betsy’s intrigued…
...while I'm overwhelmed
…while I’m overwhelmed

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