Entering the World of Dungeons and Dragons

2015-06-15 15.57.47
Where our quest began.

It was a dark and stormy night. No, really. Monday night was a perfect night to be inside either watching the Blackhawks play or playing Dungeons and Dragons. We chose to play Dungeons and Dragons…and watch the Hawks win later.

Our first time took place at the Dice Dojo, a great store in Edgewater that has a room set aside for RPGs (Role Playing Games) and leading our quest was Bradley, who served as our very patient Dungeon Master. We were a small group (Betsy and Shelly and our friend, Kass), but we were eager to learn. Starting off, our DM explained how the game worked and how to choose our character.

2015-06-15 16.34.03
Setting up the game…that’s a lot of dice







2015-06-15 17.33.33
The Player Character Record Sheet was a lot to take in…and fill out.

Shelly played Agamemnon Longblade (Aggie for short) a thief who had the alignment of Chaotic Good (more on alignments later). Betsy played Wilhelm Shielding (Helmet for short), a cleric with a Chaotic Good alignment and Kass played Floris Dragonsblood (no nickname), a wizard with a True Neutral alignment. We had a brief introduction to alignments, which according to the interwebs, is a categorization of the ethical and moral perspective of people, creatures, and societies. I think that if we had more time to really look at the different alignments and really figure out what our characters would be, we probably would’ve stuck to them throughout the game. As it was, we ventured in and out of our alignments and I think we just took on our personal traits as we made decisions. I’m sure we’ll be better next time.

2015-06-15 17.32.45
Not a big town, but it was OUR town and we were going to save it!

Our story began in the Town of Freedale, where after enjoying some pints at the local tavern, we were summoned to go on a quest to find an orb that was kept by an ogre (of course, this was no ordinary orb…don’t remember why it was dangerous, but it just was). An elflord had already begun this quest, but was missing and presumed dead and it was our job to save the town.

Not going into many specifics (which might be a little boring/confusing if you weren’t there), we came across many different types of creatures that seemed to take forever to kill. Killing a creature is an easy process…as long as you roll the correct number on the d20 die (a die with 20 sides). Let’s just say we weren’t all that lucky in our rolls. For example, Shelly tried to kill a creature with an arrow and had to roll a 16 or above. She rolled a 1, which means the arrow probably just dropped to the ground by her feet. We all had moments such as this.

We managed to get through four rooms before we encountered a 9-foot worm that eventually paralyzed Shelly and Betsy (though Betsy did heal Shelly, but apparently her healing doesn’t help with paralysis) and left Kass unconscious. Our characters literally became worm food and that’s how the game ended…with all of us dead. Clearly not the best way to go or the best way to end our first game, but it made for a fun story.

2015-06-15 17.40.10
Stormin’ the castle

So, we didn’t save the town, but we had a lot of fun. Much more fun than we thought we would. We’re not quite ready to play with others who are experts at the game, but we definitely will not stop here. With only one game under our belt, it’s hard to say if we’ll become official “nerds” about D&D, but we did become fans.


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