The Nerds Will Be Back After This Commercial Break…

It’s been a month since we’ve blogged about our nerd-ventures because sometimes you realize you can’t live your dream of being a nerd for a living. Side note: We attended a panel at C2E2 with the hopes of learning how to be a nerd for a living, but we walked out with no helpful knowledge and more questions(like do the accountants at MARVEL get to wear costumes?)  . Thanks to that panel, though, we came up with the idea for this blog and our new adventure to find out what kind of nerds we are.

We started gung-ho, diving headfirst into the D&D pool (which we’ll be splashing around in again later this summer) with the hopes of playing that at least bi-weekly, but life caught up with us(I bought more dice!). Our Dungeon Master was deep into tech for a very difficult show and we’re trying to stay afloat(Pun Intended!) in our day-to-day jobs, putting out fires and maintaining our sanity. So, we took an unexpected nerd break. Not to say we stopped doing completely nerdy things (we are still us, after all)(I beat the original Legend of Zelda in a day!), but we took a break from this blog(but not from Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook!) and our nerd-ventures.

Just wanted to touch base to the few people who may actually read this blog(Hi Christa!) (and a thousand thanks to you!) to let you know we are still here. Look for a review of the finale of Wayward Pines(OMG have you been Watching!), a show we got to preview at C2E2 and instantly became hooked, and more D&D madness. Things are on the horizon and looking nerdy.

Thanks for stopping by and may the force be ever with you!

All the purple is Betsy.  I  was feeling left out.  Fun Fact:  There is a SPAM Museum! 


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