Welcome to Wayward Pines…Now leaving Wayward Pines.

Once upon a time Betsy and Shelly went to their annual pilgrimage to all things good and nerdy…C2E2.  While planning their con day they noticed a screening for a show called Wayward Pines.  Noting it’s time and location to another panel later the two interpret nerds sat down for a much needed rest and hydration break.  You see we knew absolutely nothing about Wayward Pines(not even that it had been a book series).  But the two nerds sat back and relaxed and had their minds blown.  No seriously.  The first episode left us with so many questions for which we had no answers.  And then…they brought out

Yeah! That’s M. Night and Matt Dillion! So this just up the nerd factor by 10.

The following are a snippet of our reactions as we watched the series



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