Chugga Chugga Choo Choo

Two blog posts in one week!  You must be asking yourselves what have we done to earn such a treat.  Well, I just got back from my annual family summer road trip and found something so nerdy and fantastic I just had to share.

My family loves weird small town festivals (have you been to Trekfest?) and weird roadside attractions(oh look twine ball ahead lets go!).  My new favorite travel website is  It lists all the weird and wonderful things you can see as you travel along the highways and byways in the USA.   In prep for our awesome trip to Wisconsin to procure the holy trinity of beer, sausage and cheese I stumbled upon a gem of a tourist spot.  The Toy Train Barn.

My brother and Dad both dabble in model railroading and my brother and I decided that we had to stop.  So we drove just outside of Monroe, WI and started looking for a big orange barn.  And we found it!

This attraction is legit on someone’s 18 acre farm.  Inside the barn they have all of these train layouts.  All the layouts have buttons you can push and the scenery does all kinds of things.  Take a look!


This is the kind of thing our blog was made for.  This family is so passionate about model railroading that they opened up their barn to the public.  It costs $5.00 to go in and see but every dollar they take in goes directly to maintaining and adding to the display. This place is great for anyone who is a kid at heart.

They also have a train you can ride around the property.  They are working on improvements to that as well.  When they complete their plans it’s going to be amazing.

Boldly go to this one guys!



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