Virtually Dungeons and Dragons

Dear Life: Please stop getting in the way, so we can play D&D again. Sincerely, Betsy and Shelly.

This has been our plea for a couple of months now. Work has been keeping us busy, so we haven’t been able to get our D&D fix…until Shelly found an online version and all was right with the world. As someone who doesn’t do much (okay, any) online gaming, I (Shelly) was a little hesitant about downloading this game and actually playing it. I was then told by a friend that D&D Online once ruined a relationship because someone wouldn’t stop playing it. Would that happen to me? Would I become a shell of who I once was because I couldn’t stop playing an online game? Only time will tell.

After the game FINALLY downloaded (and took up a lot of space on my computer), I was tasked with creating a character. I thought that was fun, but damn…this game had to have been created by a bunch of g2015-08-08 21.02.16uys because the females in this game are rather…um…busty. I guess I didn’t really expect much else from this world. Once my character was created (Name: Agamemnina Longblade…a throwback to my D&D name from that one time we played), I entered the world of online D&D and my life was never the same.

Okay…maybe it’s not that dramatic, but my life was made more fun for a little while. The graphics are great (but, then again, I really have nothing to compare, so they could be crap for all I know) and it was fun stepping into this virtual world. The first time I played, I felt that most of what I was doing was just walking (or rather, slowly jogging) around while I tried to finish various quests and find my way into the next part of the game. Like a good Dungeon Master for a beginner like me, I was given a spell of protection right away so even if I did something stupid (like not learn how to swim to the surface), I wouldn’t die from drowning…just look a little stupid. My favorite part of the game is when I get to kill the evil creatures, but I think I need better technique. I employ the same technique I use in the Mortal Kombat games, which is to just click the mouse very rapidly and hope I land some fatal blows. I have no real skill or game plan…just a fast finger on the mouse.

I really can’t tell you much more about the game because, like in the “real world” version of the game, I died rather quickly. Turns out, I really needed that spell of protection for a little (okay, a lot) longer. I like to think my fellow travelers in this virtual game went to the local tavern and raised a pint in my honor, but I have a feeling they probably laughed at my stupidity and offered my character to be in the running of the Darwin Awards.

I just started playing my second game, so I hope I can stay alive long enough to enjoy it…I at least know how to swim to the surface of the little pool. Oh, and in case you were worried, this game will not take over my life. I have TV to do that for me.


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