Bookin’ it to Wayward Pines

I’m usually pretty hesitant when it comes to seeing movies or TV shows that were adapted from books…the world I see on the screen never compares to the world I created in my head. When I saw an advanced screening of the first episode of Wayward Pines at C2E2, I didn’t know it was adapted from a book and after the compelling first episode, I battled with the question of if I should read the book before the miniseries started or just enjoy the show without any knowledge of what would happen.

Can I just say how annoying it is when book covers are changed to reflect the movie/TV show…

I decided to just watch the show and enjoy the ride. As mentioned in a previous blog, both Betsy and I thoroughly enjoyed the series and hope it comes back next summer. About a week after the finale aired, I decided to check out the books, to see if it was any different than the series. I just finished the first book in the trilogy and was blown away by how different it was. Though I couldn’t create the characters look in my head (that was already done for me through the show), I was surprised by how the show was cast. I honestly couldn’t picture anyone but Terrance Howard as the creepy Sheriff Pope, but in the book he was described as being a white, built guy. The other shocking part of the book is that when Ethan finds Kate, she’s old…not the younger woman she is in the series.

Also, when we first meet Theresa and Ben, we learn that Ethan has been missing for a year and we see her at his memorial service (Ben is just seven years old) and then we get to be a part of how David Pilcher brings them to Wayward Pines. That would’ve been awesome to see that on the screen…I think the creepiness factor would’ve been multiplied. I guess I see why they decided to make those changes in the TV show, but it would’ve been nice to be a part of what the book describes…I think the show would’ve been that much more dynamic.

I don’t want to give away too many things (I tend to be against spoilers), but damn…when Ethan first meets the Abbies in the book? That’s some terrifying action right there.

Sidenote: I liked how Sheriff Pope was killed in the show over how he was killed off in the book…much more satisfying justice.

What am I trying to tell you through this post? Read the books! Even if you saw the show first, the books don’t disappoint…they just add to what you already know. And, when it comes to TV/movie adaptations, if you ever wonder if you should read the book…READ THE BOOK! Nine times out of ten, the book is SO much better than the adaptation. That reminds me…I need to reread Mockingjay before the final movie comes out this fall.


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