She is Catwoman, Hear Her Roar!

“Enough! No one gets more applause than Catwoman!” – 1966 Batman series

I half expected Julie Newmar exclaim this during the Batman panel at 2013 C2E2…would’ve been fitting because she spent the entire time trying to upstage Burt Ward.

Let’s flashback to early 2013: Betsy and I were greeting buses one morning for the student matinee and one of us mentioned how C2E2 (Chicago Comic and Entertainment Convention) would be in Chicago later that spring. Being the nerds we are, we decided to go for the gusto and attend just the Saturday of the convention (we quickly learned our lesson and have been getting three-day passes since).

031One of the highlights of that day was the Batman panel, which included Julie Newmar (Catwoman) and Burt Ward (Robin). Adam West (Batman himself) was supposed to attend, but he cancelled due to a back injury. We were still pretty pumped about seeing Julie and Burt and we were hoping to hear some great stories and learn more about the glory days of Batman. 033

That panel was probably one of the more entertaining things I’ve been a part of. Mainly because Julie Newmar seemed like the drunken aunt you’d have at your family Christmas party, dancing with a lampshade on her head. She and Burt had a great act where he would answer the questions seriously and she would make faces and be the crazier one.

034Two moments stood out to me:

  1. When Julie mentioned her work on Lil’ Abner, Betsy and I were the only ones who cheered (we are, at the heart of it all, theater nerds) and she then directed the rest of her theater speech toward us.
  2. A little girl dressed as Catwoman asked Julie a question and even with all of her craziness during the panel, she answered that girl’s question with such sincerity…making that little girl’s day.

There are so many stories from C2E2 that we can share for Flashback Friday (hello, nerd speed dating), but this panel has been a top 5 favorite of mine. It was our first foray into the incredible weekend that is C2E2, we got to get up close with some TV legends, and most of all, we got to be completely immersed in the nerd community and be with our “kind.” We can’t wait for C2E2 in March 2016! Until then, remember: Always be yourself…unless you can be Batman. In that case, always be Batman.


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