Are you ready for some Fantasy Football? Or is that Running Back a level 13 Paladin?

Good Morrow readers.  Today we start a weekly blog post about one of the nerdiest things to do in the fall…Fantasy Football.  Wait! What?  Football? On a nerd blog?!  Surely you jest! I do not jest (and don’t call me Shirley!).  Fantasy Football is the perfect thing for this blog.  Since our main goal is to figure out if we are that kind of nerd, why not go into a world that is just as nerdy as any game of D&D.  I have found over the years that my friends who are into Fantasy Football talk about it as passionately as my friends who talk about their latest D&D campaign.

Let’s quickly breakdown what you do to play fantasy football.

  1. You join a league.  In my case, I’m in two leagues.  One is a friend league and the other is a league of my co-workers.
  2. You Draft your Team.  This is where you get to pick NFL players from all the different teams to create a team that wil dominate the other teams in your league.
  3. You Set your Line Up.  This is where you pick the players to fill the positions.  You are the coach now.  Picking the guys who will perform the best.
  4. You Play your Opponent.  Your Team takes on another team in your league.   You win by having the most points.
That’s the basics.  We will get into how you win the league as we go through the season.
So sit back and armchair Quarterback with me all football season.  We shall Cheer on the IDDY BIDDY BRAWLERS in their triumphs and wallow in the agony of defeat.
Boldly going towards the end zone,
wizard football

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