Fantasy Football week 1 results….or let’s put the d in defense

coach homer

Happy Week 2 of the football season readers!  As I stand waiting for the bus I thought a quick update on my fantasy football adventure would be a great way to kill the time.  Week 1 was a split week as I was victorious in battle in my Shakespeare’s Rogues league.   The Iddy Biddy Brawlers beat the Monsters of the Midway.  I could have scored more points had I played my other defense.  So at least I learned something.

In my What’s the Big Teal league I lost.  I went in with too many wizards and not enough to palidins. I suppose I will need to make some big changes to stand a chance this week.  Once again I picked the wrong defense.  So again I learned something.

Current standings:

Shakespeare’s Rogues 1-0

What’s the Big Teal 0-1

Crawling towards the end zone



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