Paralyzed by a worm…or the agony of defeat

Fantasy Football.  Blogging about it every week.  That was the plan right?  Alas, gentle readers (Hi Christa!)  real life really got in the way of the blogging part.  You see, in the real world the theater I work at had TWO sell out, hit shows and that did not give me as much free time as I had originally hoped.  Excuses aside, let’s break down the last weeks of the season.


Both of my teams got paralyzed by a worm.  Seriously.  Everyone rolled ones, tripped over their own feet, couldn’t get the sword out of the scabbard, went down.  I somehow took 3rd in one league (still trying to figure out how that happened).  In the other league I took last.  I never made it into the forest.  I got ambushed on the way to out of the tavern, lost.  Oh well.  There is always next year right?

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to make plans to go see Star Wars again.



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