52 Things Crocheted: The First Post

So who has already given up on their New Year’s Resolution?  I usually give up at about week three.  I always think I’ll make some great life altering resolution and will stick to it.  Tangible results are hard to obtain.

So I thought what do I want to do this year?  Do I want to change anything?  Do I even care about making a resolution?  As I pondered the great resolution  like: drink more water, exercise, learn sanskrit…I decided what I wanted was to do something.  Then I had to figure out what that something was.

I started crocheting over a year ago.  I took up the hook and yarn because everyone wanted to know who was going to make the towels after my Mom passed away in 2014.  I worked really hard to learn how to crochet so that I could carry on the tradition.  I presented my first fully functional towel to my Aunt at Thanksgiving.  For Christmas I was going to crochet things for everyone but only was able to finish the projects for the tiny ninja warrior princesses in my life.  I decided that for the next year I would try to crochet one thing a week.  Tangible.  Functional.  Early Holiday Preparedness. Nerdy.

So every week I’m going to crochet something.  I’m going to post the pictures on our Instagram (@notthatkindofnerd).  I will also blog about it because that’s what we do here.  Blog about the Nerdy things we do.

Enjoy the Pictures of results from weeks 1 & 2

Week 1:  Doll scarf with fringe!
Week 2: Dishrag



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