C2E2 2017

Captain’s Log April 22, 2017

The nerds embark on a one day escape to nerdtopia: C2E2.  While, normally the nerds would indulge in three days of epic nerdiness, this year it wasn’t in the Magic cards.  But one day of awesome fangirl action was enjoyed.

The day started with us rushing past the floor filled with the booths of awesomeness to the line for the Main State panel of Frank Miller and Stan Lee. This was advertised as Stan Lee’s last appearance at C2E2, so we wanted to make sure we not only got in the panel, but got decent seats as well. After a brief delay due to a projector that was smoking, we finally got to see the Comic King Himself: Stan Lee! He is one sass07y guy and he and Frank Miller ribbed each other and riffed off each other like they’ve been doing it for years (because they have). And of course, Betsy cried.

After this incredible panel, we stayed to see our favorite couple from Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: FitzSimmons. Due to the malfunctioning projector, we were evacuated from the Main Stage panel room, but were let back in before the other masses waiting in line and the wait was worth it. They are as adorable in person as they are on TV (well…Fitz isn’t so adorable right now in the Framework, but we have hope that he and Simmons will reconcile).









img_0163After spending quite some time on the panel floor, we decided to venture down to the floor to meet up with our favorite booth, Quirk Books. They always have some great books and tote bags every year and this year was no different. These nerds picked up The League of Extraordinary Villains and The Spectacular Sisterhood of Superwomen.

Probably the most exciting time had was by Shelly who decided she probably only had one chance to meet Zachary Levi in person and this was it. Worth it! And let me just say I was the only person I noticed that was wearing this magnificent NERD shirt from NerdHQ (Zac’s company).

18img_0165Betsy got a picture of me getting my selfie with Zac and what I take away from this is that I’m quite short compared to him…look at how much he has to stoop to get down to my level.

And then, of course, we had to see him at the live stage later in the afternoon. It only lasted 15 minutes, but since we didn’t get to see his panel on Friday, this was a small substitute.


Since we were only going to be there one day, we decided to do something we haven’t done before: The Crown Championships of Cosplay. We got our wristbands right as we entered the con, so we were some of the lucky people who got inside the event and let me just say, these cosplayers are no joke! Their dedication is outstanding and the costumes were amazing!



Though we weren’t able to spend three glorious days at C2E2, we managed to squeeze in enough fun to make one day fantastic. Lesson learned, though…always prepare for three days.


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