It’s Been Fun, Powerless

So long, Powerless. Your life was cut too quickly and the fact that NBC doesn’t even plan on showing the final episodes is a slap in the face…at least give the fans some closure.

A transcript of a GChat when I found out Powerless wouldn’t be shown anymore:

Shelly: Just read that Powerless has been pulled from the schedule…no word if they’ll air the final episodes. 😞


So, that’s where we are with this news. We’re sad and upset that one of our favorite shows has been pulled from the lineup. The fact it debuted midseason was a bit of a red flag that the network didn’t have much faith in it to begin with and the premise of the show changed from the original preview at ComicCon.

Was the only problem the show? No. The problem with most network TV is not the shows themselves, but how ratings are gathered. Using the outdated Nielsen system, which out of 100 million households with a TV only .05% are used as a sample audience. This means that those of us who watch and enjoys certain shows, but aren’t included in the Nielsen sample, our voice isn’t counted. They also use an audience that self-records their viewing habits in diaries, but this doesn’t provide that “real-time” ratings information from live viewings or DVR viewing within a few days. It’s clear how ratings are gathered needs to constantly be updated to reflect changing TV viewing habits, but that isn’t a viable option…especially since the ratings are primarily used for advertising information. If the same ads aren’t shown with online viewing, then the rating information is skewed.

There have been some cases where shows were saved, thanks to fan intervention, but nowadays it’s very rare a show will be saved through a fan-campaign such as buying Subway sandwiches to save Chuck or sending in nuts to save Jericho for one more season.

Just to be safe, I think I’ll send in 10 million invisible Wonder Woman jets to the corporate offices of NBC.


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