Things are About to get Strange

67d329c9aedc952ed43d67f4f88493da6be3b185It’s time to grab our Trapper Keepers out of storage, find our big glasses, and stock up on Eggos because the nerds are finally watching Stranger Things!  We know!  We have had tons of time but Betsy got super into crocheting and Shelly got a new job.

Since the second season is starting October 28th, we are going to watch and blog about our reactions.  We text each other while watching and we promise to share some of the best reactions.

Episode 1: The Vanishing of Will Byers

Take the stairs! Because something creepy is coming and you are getting on the elevator and everyone knows that  when some creepy, unseen thing is coming after you that you should take the stairs. That said, it was an interesting start to the show. What little we knew about the show was that it involved some kids and some place called the Upside Down (which, I assume we’ll learn about later).

This show seems like it was made for us. It involves some nerdy kids in the 80s. We love that the boys play D&D and the high schoolers carry Trapper Keepers. Also, I feel the frustration of having to dial numbers on a rotary phone…we’ve come a long way, baby.

The problem when starting a new show is getting through the first episode, because whatever show you’re watching, it’s mainly a lot of exposition so you get to know the characters, setting, and story. Sometimes that’s exciting, sometimes that’s boring. The first episode of Stranger Things was definitely exciting.

Episode 2:  The Weirdo on Maple Street

I get why the story focuses on the high school drama a lot during this episode (especially with what happened to Barb at the end), but I kept wanting to get back to the kids. They’re awesome and I can see why Millie Bobby Brown received an Emmy nomination for her role as Eleven.

Winona Ryder is kicking ass in the show as an actress. She’s been pretty much gone from the entertainment world for awhile, so it’s nice to see her back in the groove and in a really juicy role.

Search Party 2:  Electric Boogaloo — Okay, but why do we really only see them searching at night?  We are positive that there have to be volunteers to search available during the day.  What about the guys that hang at Buddy’s? It’s not like they can go there anymore (too soon)!

Can we talk about Will’s older brother?  Creepy or Sensative artist.  Fine line, but let’s just admit that the taking the pictures of the kids at the pool is a little stalkery.  And creepy, troubled boy will be a suspect if they find those pictures now that Barb has poofed (this is Betsy’s prediction and in no way reflects Shelly unless she agrees. *She agrees*).

Also, theory that the electric pulses are morse code! And good for the mom for going back into the house. She feels her son is trying to communicate with her. If it were me…I’d be hightailing it out of there so fast (if this was a cartoon, you’d see a me-shaped hole in the door). Can’t wait for the next episodes!


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