Fall TV

untitledThe temperatures are falling, leaves are starting to change, and new shows crop up on TV. It’s Fall, y’all!

Okay, okay…I’ll admit it. I’m a TV-aholic (this is Shelly speaking…I can’t speak for Betsy’s obsessions*Betsy looks up from her book while re-watching Buffy, TV good). I love sitting down and being totally engrossed in a TV show…especially if it’s one that I’m already invested in. Seriously. You should’ve seen me in college – my friends knew that at 9 p.m. on Monday nights (Tuesdays, Buffy – for Betsy), you didn’t bother me unless it was an emergency. That was “24” time.

There are a few new shows that we definitely wanted to see this season and having an opinion on pretty much everything, here are our thoughts on some of the ones we’ve seen:

The Orville — I’m not a Seth MacFarlane fan. I find Family Guy, American Dad, and his other shows to be kinda stupid and not at all up my alley. I was interested in watching The Orville because it seemed to be a spoof of Star Trek and I like shows that don’t take themselves to seriously. This show didn’t disappoint, though I’m not sure it has enough stamina to make past only one season. The characters are quirky enough and the story lines are okay so far. I’ve had a few laugh-at-loud moments as well, which is always a good sign. I think I’ll stick with it throughout this season, but not get too attached. Also, I’d rather see Adrianne Palicki on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. than this show. I’m still mourning the loss of Bobbi and Hunter (but rumor has it that Hunter might be coming back *Betsy squeees*).

Young Sheldon — I didn’t want to watch this show. I love The Big Bang Theory and that’s my go-to for mindless TV to have on in the background (because it’s on TBS pretty much every day), but the thought of having an entire show revolve around Sheldon seemed a little much and figured it would be a flop. Then, I saw the reviews. I’m normally one to not be swayed by reviews, but since every review I read said this was a good show, I thought I’d give it a chance. I’m glad I did.

I LOVE that Laurie Metcalf’s daughter plays young Sheldon’s mom (for those not in-the-know, Laurie Metcalf plays Sheldon’s mom on TBBT). And the young actor playing Sheldon (Iain Armitage) is adorable, but more importantly, seems to understand the Sheldon character very well. I’m happy I gave this show a chance and I can’t wait to see how the show and Sheldon’s story unfolds.

Ghosted –Well, Betsy is on the fence.  While I love both of the stars, give it up to Craig an ISU alum, go Redbirds, I’m not 100% sure yet.  Two guys get tapped by the paranomal investigation division of the US Government to try to track down a missing agent.  The are lke X-files meets Car 54 Where are you meets Police Cops.  It had some funny moments.  I’ll watch a few more episodes.

I (Shelly) finally watched the first two episodes of Ghosted. I’m not mad at it. Not sure if it will last more than one season, but it’s a fun show. Not that I’m going to find a lot of logic in a show like this, it seems to be very far-fetched that a secret government agent would just take on these two guys without any sort of regard to their organization or whether they were up to the task. I like a little more exposition in pilot episodes and I feel we got very little. That said, it’s a silly show that I’ll most likely continue to watch.

Inhumans — Betsy watched Inhumans.  Inhumans was almost unbearable.  They get one more episode to win me back.   Going to give The Gifted a try.

Will and Grace — Okay, this one isn’t exactly new, but I’m both excited and worried about what they’ll do with the reboot.  (Also Roseanne – another reboot – comes back mid-season!) I loved the finale of the original series and thought it was a nice wrap-up that gave viewers a satisfying end. For those who didn’t watch, the finale showed the future where Will and Vince were together with a son, Grace and Leo were back together with a daughter, Karen and Jack were still Karen and Jack and all that implies, and Will and Grace’s children eventually grow up, meet in college, and get married. Now how do you do a reboot from there?

The answer is, you don’t. Apparently, they use the classic dream excuse that all that we saw in the final episode was Karen’s drunken dream and nothing much has changed. I like that nothing much has changed. Will and Grace have moved up in their careers, but their love lives seem to be in an ever-present state of disarray. The first episode was full of political humor, which was to be expected since that’s the main reason they came back (the pre-election viral video that you should’ve already seen), but it got a little tired quickly. After watching the second episode, I’m glad the political humor was kept to the first episode and now we’re back to class Will, Grace, Jack, and Karen.

Star Trek: Discovery — Look, I, Betsy really wanted to watch this show.  Then I found out that I would have to pay for CBS streaming in order to do so.  I love Star Trek but I’m already at my limit for streaming services a the moment. Now if Hulu doesn’t figure out the new format is AWFUL, perhaps I will revisit my stance.

So we have some winners and we have some losers and it’s a fun start to the fall season. I think we’re all just happy that Designated Survivor is going strong in its second season and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D is coming back earlier than expected. Those are two tried-and-true TV treasures we love.



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